Friday, April 25, 2008

Bakery on Main, Extreme Trail Mix Granola Bar

Nuts, raisins and chewies, oh my!

Like the first Bakery on Main granola bar I tried the Extreme Trail Mix bar was chewy, a little crunchy and just sweet enough.

The Extreme Trail Mix bar is chuck full of nuts and seeds. The first one I tasted was sunflower, and halfway through the bar, right next to a dried cranberry I got a whole pecan! The sweetness and chewiness of the nuts nicely balances the crunch of the crisp rice.

This nutty, nutritious and delicious treat is crafted by artisan bakers at the Bakery on Main. They don’t use artificial colors, GMOs, artificial flavors or trans-fats.

Part of their mission statement includes “Better Health and Happy Taste Buds Living Together in Harmony.”

The Bakery on Main employs “Good Manufacturing Practices…ingredient quality controls, full product traceability, gluten testing under AOAC… [and] standardized allergen and sanitation cleaning procedures… to insure food safety.” It’s always great to find a company that takes such pride in creating healthy products for everyone to enjoy.