Sunday, March 2, 2008

Mi-del Chocolate Sandwich Cookies

Oh Sweet Oreos! Those tasty treats that we all love. Chocolaty cookies, sweet cream center, dunk able goodness. All of that, this cookie's is not. I must say that I had higher expectations from something that was supposed to taste like an Oreo.

The Mi-del Chocolate sandwich cookie was not what I had hoped for. The cookies are hard and dry, not very chocolaty and hard to bite. The ‘cream’ tastes something like marzipan, but the too was dry and hard. After the first bite the whole sandwich fell apart. After being soaked in milk the cookie was a little softer, but still didn’t stay together, and certainly didn’t taste anything like an Oreo.

I suppose this would still be considered a sweet treat, but I’d rather miss Oreo’s than eat these again.

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